Current Projects

Waste disposal construction, flood protection, highway embankments as flood protection, reservoirs and dams.
  • Pusztazámor, construction of solid waste dumping site
  • Nagykanizsa, Letenye, Zalakaros, construction of waste disposal facilities
  • South-Balaton and Sió Walley, construction of the regional and communal waste management system
  • Implementation of the Sajó-Bódva Valley regional waste management program
  • Relocation of the protection embankment of Lake Bivaly. The project included 780,000 m³ of earthworks to build a new section
    of the Tisza protection embankment. This contract was carried out between 2005 and 2008 in the value of USD 140 M
  • Dam Rovni reservoir construction in Szerbia
  • Poroszlói pool – wetlands dredging (Tisza Lake-project)
  • Berettyó River – protective dam developmen
  • Bodrogközi upper Tisza River and Bodrog River – left bank flood protection system development
  • Bereg ‒ Flood reducing reservoir consruction, Stage I. and III.
Here are a few of our ongoing projects which may provide excellent references for our company.
  • Sri Lanka – Reconstruction Labugama treatment plant USD 19,9M.
  • Sri Lanka – Reconstruction Kalatuwawa treatment plant USD 19,5M.
  • Siófok wastewater treatment plant construction
  • Tisza floodplain embankment replacement works on section between Szolnok railroad bridge and Kisköre
  • Upper-Tisza flood protection line construction, on the section above Tivadar Bridge
  • 2-to-4-lane expansion between highway no. 21, section II and Pásztó bypass
  • M30 expressway construction between Tornyosnémeti and the country borders