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Looking back into the past for a bit, the history of Betonútépítő Vállalat (National Concrete Road Construction Company) perfectly illustrates how a Central-Eastern-European company could successfully adjust itself into a constantly changing and often very hectic economic and political environment.

Being part of Betonútépítő Group, Betonútépítő Plc. is the only firm among the five biggest similar companies in the Hungarian construction industry which is exclusively in domestic ownership. It also has the greatest experience among its competitors in the country. Though it has been a long way from Betonútépítő Company, est. in 1950, to the contemporary state of the firm, the past half century was characterized by technological and professional development and a permanent expansion of our profile.
The company was founded for post-war reconstruction. Starting from its original task of constructing roads, railways and airports, the present-day work of Betonútépítő Plc. covers almost every area of building industry.

As a result, there are very few regions in Hungary where one may not encounter roads, railways, airports or other structures erected, or environmental investments implemented by Betonútépítő Group. A considerable part of the highway network, more than half of the motorways countrywide, and several hydraulic engineering, draining and building structure jobs in the last years are parts of the wide-range activity of our company.

However, Betonútépítő Group is present in every part of the country not only with its activity and its success but also with its organization. Due to the increasing number of the main infrastructure development projects launched 2012 to 2013 in Hungary, the firm has been reorganized into a project-oriented company. Besides the center in Budapest, three regional offices, asphalt- and concrete factories optimized to the road construction needs of the country, and five affiliated companies, each with different profiles, make the required construction capacity availible always and everywhere to the contracted building jobs.

Along with the modern organizational structure, specialists with proper skills and experience and flexibly mobilizable technological background, Betonútépítő Group has always been, and will be focusing on keeping the high quality of its construction works. As a recognition of our work, our company was given both „Architecture Niveau Prize” and ” Hungarian Quality House Prize” two times.

Being able to keep the high quality and, at the same time, maintaining environment protection is made possible by the commitment of the company. The quality is guaranteed by the following standards. ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OSHAS 18001:2007 environment focused integrated control systems and nuclear qualification.

Drawing from the values of the past, but looking ahead into the future, our group of companies stands ready to face new challenges.

Our past is a strong commitment. A commitment that spurs us not only to fulfill professionally and financially everything we undertake, but also to drive on, further forward on our way, to your destination.